Dr. Nanna Thylstrup & Dr. Daniela Agostinho: Feminist Digital Reparative Practices

Anne Reus
2 Medien
hochgeladen 4. Dezember 2020

This talk will offer a sociopolitical reading of information infrastructures that outlins how social structures such as gender and race are encoded in the technological scaffolding of information, how these infrastructures consequently reflect and materialize power dynamics, and how they thereby structure the possibilities for social action. With this we wish to emphasize that digital infrastructures enforce and constrain experience and knowledge, but also constitute powerful venues for social and political engagement. Combining cultural theories and feminist infrastructure studies, this talk suggests that while digital infrastructures have significant and often oppressive implications for their subjects, they also open up spaces for negotiations, disobedience, and contestation. Digital infrastructures therefore, we argue, constitute a powerful field for feminist and postcolonial digital humanities to intervene in.

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